Church ceiling being framed for construction



Pre-referendum Planning

We suggest engaging our services as early as possible, even before you make your referendum public, we will assist you and your Architect with scope, vote planning and work with your bond council to facilitate a successful referendum.

Cost Estimation

The most successful projects begin with a solid budget for the work you need done. From day one we will create and maintain your total costs vs budget to be sure the financial outcome is as promised to the public.


Creating a workable timeline from vote to SED submission through construction and final occupancy is our specialty. Our history shows we can get projects from start to finish as promised.

Owner Logistics

Assisting Owners in planning to vacate areas, move staff and students, allow for cleaning and re-opening every September has been our life for 30 years. We will work with building Administration and Staff to make a smooth transition to your new or renovated spaces.

On Site Construction Supervision

It’s not what’s expected, but what’s INSPECTED that assures quality. Our on site personnel watch over every aspect of construction. All materials are checked in as delivered to guarantee compliance with specifications. Workmanships is inspected constantly for quality control. All necessary outside inspections are scheduled and observed.


Post Construction Start Up

Service after completion allows us to work with your staff to be sure all the “moving parts” function as designed. Mechanical systems, data delivery systems, even the simplest things like new scoreboards, folding walls, need staff trained until they are comfortable and confident is using the new facility on their own. Our staff will be there to be sure this happens smoothly.